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Botanical Drawing
Iznik Design, Handmade Turkish Ceramics
"Hand Weaving today"—1939, a book of Ethel Mairet


Designer and artist Lavina Peswani is inspired by empowering stories. she believes that design should not only be beautiful – it should convey a powerful message. she doesn’t create objects – she creates art that you can wear and use every day, and connect with on an emotional level. Every collection is a pure expression of how Lavina feels, how she perceives the world.

Depending on what she wishes to convey in the textiles, her visual inspiration comes from diverse cultures, historical architecture, art, poetry and also details from mother nature. These different elements come together and interweave into intricate unique patterns.

Botanical Drawing
Iznik Design, Handmade Turkish Ceramics
"Hand Weaving today"—1939, a book of Ethel Mairet
Indian Traditional Garment details
Red Spotted Trapeze Crab
Tiles details Blue Mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan
Hand drawn pattern by Lavina

Artistic & design process

From her studio in Madrid, Lavina conducts intense research to find the best way to portray the message behind her collections. Lavina starts sketching and creates an archive of drawings which form the basis of her future designs. this process includes testing motifs, patterns, and colours by hand. finally, she begins the laborious, intensive work of creating the final paintings and patterns, working in multiple mediums, including gouache and fine ink. some patterns are digitally collaged to create more complex compositions.

These illustrations, patterns and compositions become unique scarves and other garments. emphasis is put on the placement of each print which is carefully chosen to fit with a given design, producing final pieces that are themselves works of art.

the manufacture of every single piece is done with great care, using materials and finishes of the highest possible quality. we choose to work with small workshops to ensure that every piece meets our exacting standards. the final results are modern, functional but exclusives pieces of wearable art.

Hand drawn pattern by Lavina
Illustration drawing by Lavina
Fashion Illustration
Lavina drawing in her studio
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